Hello to All:
For the 1st week of November, very nice store, Mikey! Did have to do some hard ‘shopping’ to maintain a robust Produce selection!…Some serious ferreting!! Island goods have all but dried up past the ‘basics’…Kale, spuds, etc. Maltby Produce turned the heat off in their greenhouses this past week. Translation: No Basil for the first time in 26 weeks! Hedlin runs about a month behind Maltby, so Peppers & Tomatoes are still about. All-in-all, still LOTS of goodies to be had!
The wind makes Frisbee tossing quite the sport for ole Henrietta! Throw it just right, it can do all sorts of dipsy doodles to contort a dog!! You know its wet when the chickens stay under cover in their coops rather than free ranging.

WGG’s mission is to bring you the Best food I can find from growers I trust, put those offerings in a convenient ordering format and deliver it to your door. WGG takes fulfillment very seriously…However, there are screw ups. As my regular clientele know, I do my best to make things right! For those new to this service, the WGG website details our history, FAQ’s and other information: www.whidbeygreengoods.com. Have any questions, feel free to email: wggmike@gmail.com. Check out our WGG Facebook Page…Put recipes & other news on there daily.  And tell your friends & neighbors all about WGG…”Cluster” deliveries are a GOOD THING!!
WHAT’S NEW: Week 31 of the 37-week season. 273 unique Items listed this week! Lots of “NEW” Items!
PICK-OF-THE-WEEK #531: Starfighter Head Lettuce, Lactinato (Dinosaur) Kale Bunch, Pac Choi, 1 LB of Brussels Sprouts, 2 LB Carrots, Onion-Allium Bag, 5 LB Russet Potatoes,Carnival Squash, 2 LB Fuji Apples, Bananas, 3 LB Navel Oranges, High Seas Tuna Fish, Vanilla & Honey Yogurt & Peanuts!. $53.00. To Order: Top left spot of “Greens, Lettuce” Tab of the Web Store. Or just email me & I’ll do the paperwork!
PRODUCE: Starfighter Crisphead & Mixed Mini Head Lettuce coming from Willowood & they are nice! All the Beets are very nice! Only have 12 of the Brussels Sprout Trees available. Sleeper on the list is the Napa Cabbage. John is also offering Tiger Eye Dried Beans…Just the start of the Dried Bean offerings for the year! Mixed Sweet Bell Peppers & Slicer Beefsteak Tomatoes are from Hedlin…Limited supply on both. Only 10 LB on the Roma Tomatoes, as well. ALL kinds of Potatoes…Fingerling prices going up…Get ’em before they go up anymore…I’m a big fan of the Russian Bananas! Have 2 offerings in Russets. 1) Monster Bakers @ 1 LB for each & 2) 5 LB bag of medium-sized general purpose. Yes, Martha, there is a BIG difference between baking a pumpkin for pies, etc than using the canned crud! Butternut Squash are the larger ones, at the moment.
FRUIT: Just a few orders of the Chehalis Apples left. On the Apples sourced from Maltby Produce, buy a 40 LB box & get a REALLY Good deal!…Email me for ordering boxes. Fuji Apples are from E WA & are export grade! Found 3 LB bags of Honeycrisp Apples! Eat some Bananas! Here comes this year’s crop of citrus…3 LB bags of Navel Oranges. Frozen Strawberries are back on the list from Skagit Valley.
MEAT & SEAFOOD: Doing a very brisk business with 3 Sister’s goods! The regular High Seas Tuna back on the list!…Knocked $0.50 off each can for this week ONLY!
DAIRY: Golden Glen Creamery Items are limited to what’s in-stock this week. Welcome to Ring of Trees Farm of Bellingham with 2 flavors of sheep milk Yogurt…Plain & Vanilla-Honey. Put he Vanilla-Honey on Sale this week so give it a try! Egg limit set @ 1 dozen…get used to it…lack of daylight slowing the girls down.
BREAD, ETC: Added 4 new Items from Essential Bakery. Their “Bake At Home” loaves. Organic bread w/o the fuss…12-15 minutes in an oven. They are good & the right size for smaller households. I’m not a huge bread-eater, so it’s nice to cook it & use it rather than watchng bread go to stale!
THE PANTRY: Reloaded inventory in the Category, but in modest quantities. Last trip to Maltby this week, so Order Up! on their Apple Cider Vinegar. Added Coconut Aminos Garlic Sauce…I’m using this stuff almost every night I’m cooking! New bottles of Olive Oil in inventory…This is the ‘Real’ stuff, not crud from the stores.
SNACKS: Pumpkin Seeds made it!

MINIMUM ORDER FOR HOME DELIVERY IS $42.50. Want to place a smaller Order?  WGG will direct you to your nearest  “Neighborhood” Drop (> 1 Order at the same drop) & the Minimum Order is WAVED! Have several  “Drops” set up…Probably one within a couple-few miles.  I’ll send you an email with separate directions & details on Tuesday night after all the Orders are in.
PAYMENT: I can not edit out the “Preferred” payment arrow in the pay window. Farmigo prefers E-Check…WGG prefers paper check cash. Figured out their annual “take” on E-Check is equal to 1 of my mortgage payments! Short version…Pay Mikey, not the bank!


Want to see what’s being offered this week? Do some “shopping”? Want to Order, the Sign Up process is now painless! Want the Food, but not the farmigo ordering? Email me a list & we’ll take care of the details!
My suppliers & I Thank You for supporting Local Food. Tell your friends & neighbors…Word of mouth is our best advertising!
Michael & Henrietta